Green Industry


3. 11. 21

The initial phase is the project called “Ecological regeneration of industrial zone,” which is the home to more than 50 companies employing over 4000 people.

To protect the environment, mental and physical health of all the employees we are ready to build a green infrastructure.

In 1931, the affiliated company Škodove závody Plzeň was established in the industrial zone ZTS Dubnica nad Váhom. In the end of World War II, the part of company was bombed by the U.S. and British allies. During the industrialization occurring in the region, biggest machinery companies, mostly those working in defence industry, were set in ZTS zone.  The industrial park became more autonomous, which led to build its own infrastructure, railway and production halls. As a result, the most of greenery vanished.

We will turn the old walls and streets green, plant ivy and trees that will help to reduce the carbon footprint, contribute to better climate conditions, healthier environment and may save the energy consumption.

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