Revitalization of Memorial to Roma victims of Holocaust


21. 10. 21

In order to preserve the cultural inheritance of our country and with the contribution of the grant distributed by the Slovak Ministry of Defence, we decided to renovate the cemetery of Roma people killed in the Holocaust. The memorial with their graves is located in the outdoor premises of ammunition producer ZVS holding in Dubnica nad Váhom.

In the end of the World War II they wanted to solve both, the Jewish and Gypsy issues. During the typhus pandemic, 26 prisoners were taken under the pretence of hospitalization from the Roma concentration camp situated in Dubnica. They were transported to the industrial zone of the company and executed directly on place of the Memorial made of rocky tumulus that carries a cross put together from the ammunition and another Memorial keeping the names of victims, which was built by the civil association In Minorita in 2007.

We revitalized this sacred place in order to remember the period during and after the war, to educate the young people that face a big misinformation bubble and create a better place for yearly ceremonies.

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